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PCB Services, PCB Manufacturing Services

PCB Services, PCB Manufacturing Services

  • Introduction:Affordable PCB Manufacturing Services, Offering the most advanced PCB technology and convenient services in China.
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PCB Services, PCB Manufacturing Services

As one of leading printed circuit board manufacturers based in China, MOKO has been offering world market with quickturn high-quality PCB prototype to production services at a reasonable price for 15 years. To provide customers with more professional and advanced circuits board, we're committed to adhering to the strictest standards during our PCB manufacturing process, we're fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

We're capable to provide an instant quotation for your custom PCB needs using our online PCB calculator. Additionally, we offer PCB making inspirations, PCB layout tips from top PCB design companies and PCB news on our blog from time to time. We're proud of our successful track record to date and that our customers are satisfied with our fine product quality, on-time delivery, fair pricing and superior service.

PCB Assembly Services

To deliver true value and convenience to our PCB fabrication customers, we offer advanced turnkey PCB assembly service. We source high-quality components and stencils to offer a range of advanced PCB assembly mounting services including surface mount technology (SMT),through-hole technology (THT), and manual insertion:

-High quality assembly services with short lead times

-No minimum order

-No additional charge for stencils

-Free engineering review

-100% AOI test and X-Ray test for BGAs package

-Function tests according to custom requirements

How to obtain a fast quote?
PCB assembly price in quote depends on PCB manufacturing, components, test plan and order quantity. PCB manufacturing cost is easily calculated by its dimension, layer(s), copper thickness, laminate thickness, surface finish and other special engineering requests (such as heavy copper, impedance, blind via, buried via etc), but components cost is hard to estimate, because different boards have its designs (using different ICs, connector etc).

To obtain an official quote, please send your Gerber files, bill of materials (BOM) and the quantity required to bruse@mokotechnology.com.cn. We will get back to you with a quote within one business day.

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Address:4F,Buidling2,Guanghui Technology Park,MinQing Rd,Longhua,SZ 518109,China

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