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Q:How can i know the processing about my PCB or PCBA order?
Each Customer will have a sale to contact with you. MOKO working hours:AM9:00-PM6:00(Beijing Time) f...
Q:Will our PCB files be checked?
Yes. Your data will be checked by our Engineers Team. If we find any technical issues or have any en...
What's files do you need in the PCBA projects?
Exclude the pcb file, the PNP(Pick and Place) file and Components Position file also needed.
Q:What's files do you use in the bare board fabrication?
Gerber RS-274X,274D,Eagle and AutoCAD's DXF,DWG File
Q:How long has your company been?
A: Our company established in the year 2001,we're focus on PCB and PCBA service with more than ...
Q:Dose our PCBA product will be tested before shipment?
Yes, we could provide Function Circuit Testing if you provide us the testing methods.