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Medical PCB and Product Manufacturing Services

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The medical industry demands the highest standards of quality, precision and reliability when it comes to their circuit board needs. MOKO offers an experienced engineering team with expertise in all aspects of medical grade PCBs. We provide completely integrated solutionsthat fulfill all the specific requirements of a medical device and the application it is used in.

MOKO offers fast and complete medical PCB( Printed Circuit Board) and product manufacturing services to speed up your go-to-market schedule. High reliability is a top priority in the medical manufacturing industry.

Our clients know they can rely on us to deliver the precise, high quality results they need, in the shortest time span.

Our state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing facility in Longhua,Shenzhen,China is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology to deliver on your most challenging and complex requirements.  We are certified by  ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. This means every medical PCB board, single, double or multi-layer, flex, rigid and rigid-flex PCB board undergoes stringent inspection testing to ensure it meets your specifications and compliance requirements.

Looking for a quick turn prototype solution? Our complete medical PCB and product manufacturing services are designed for clients like you. In addition to having veteran staff and the latest PCB assembly and testing equipment, we are conveniently located near major airports in Shenzhen, China. This enables us to meet the tightest of deadlines, including quick turn and overnight expedites, easily.

We pride ourselves in our quality and knowledge of the industry.

Our products undergo numerous levels of inspection and testing to ensure the highest quality products. MOKO is committed to providing solutions keeping the customer and medical use in mind.

New MOKO PCB Board Materials!

These new materials can be utilized for: Integrity Designs requiring miniaturization, Advanced HDI, Stacked Microvias, Antenna and Aerospace, Multilayer Advanced RF and Microwave.

      Halogen-free UL Certified materials
    High Speed / Ultra Low Dk & New RF Products
    Rogers 2929 Bondply
    3M ECM (Embedded Capacitance Material) - Click Here for more info
    Zeta Lam SE - Click Here for more info

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Medical PCB and Product Manufacturing

Latest Technology = High Performance

With MOKO you can look forward to a quick and problem-free product launch. Our expert medical PCB and product manufacturing team serves wide ranging needs including prototypes through high level equipment, robotics, wireless PCB technologies, lab equipment, implantable devices, cables and interfaces. Medical device manufacturers rely on our cost-effective services for their production volume, quick turn  and PCB prototype projects.

Talk to our engineers about your upcoming medical product development projects. Our customized PCB solutions meet the most exacting standards. From material purchase to kitting, assembly, layout review, testing, warehousing and shipping, we handle every aspect of your project in-house, ensuring high quality results.  

Hire our turnkey medical PCB and product manufacturing services to enhance your competitiveness, market demand and business reputation.

Medical Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Sample

Medical PCB Sample
Medical Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Sample

Medical PCB Board Sample

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