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FR-4 PCB, FR-4 Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturer

FR-4 PCB, FR-4 Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturer

  • Introduction:MOKO Can Provide a effective,affordabl full-service PCB Solutions, As a full-service PCB solutions provider with more than a decade of experience, we're capable to provide LED PCB fabrication, components procurement and assembly all under one roof. We feature competitively priced PCBs made with standard FR-4 material that includes a thermal aluminum clad layer that will efficiently dissipate heat, keep all LED PCB components cool and significantly enhance the performance of your products.
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The Definition of FR-4 Printed Circuit Boards

FR-4 is a grade designation for flame-retardant fiberglass reinforced epoxy material. Thus, an FR-4 circuit board offers a much greater level of resistance to heat than a standard PCB. FR-4 circuit boards are divided into four classifications that are determined by the number of copper trace layers found in the material:

Four, six or 10 layers
More than 10 layers
Printed circuit board using FR4 as core material will be named as "FR4 PCB". PCB is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper clad laminate substrate. Sometimes, PCB also named Printed Wiring Board (PWB) or etching wiring board if no extra electronic components was added on.

FR-4 PCB Introduction:

High frequency board usually use FR4 glass fiber lamination, but also the whole of the epoxy glass cloth repression, more uniform color the entire pcb board, bright. Density larger than the low frequency pcb board

High-frequency electronic devices is the development trend, especially in the growing wireless networks, satellite communications, and information products to high speed and high-frequency, and voice communications products to large capacity and fast transmission of wireless, video, and data normalization.

Therefore, the development of next-generation products require high frequency board, satellite systems, mobile phone base stations and other communications products received must be applied to high-frequency circuit boards, and the inevitable rapid development in the coming years, will be a large demand for high-frequency board.

We Focus on Delivering Superior Customer Service

MOKO has developed a solid reputation for being a PCB solutions provider that is easy to do business with. Our knowledgeable support team is available by phone, chat or email to answer your questions and address any concerns. No wonder we have been able to achieve a stellar 99-percent customer satisfaction rate!

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Feel free to contact MOKO to learn more about our PCB services. If you have any specific project requirements not listed on the online quote form, you can contact us by phone or email our engineers directly at bruse@mokotechnology.com.cn

To get a free quotation for your custom PCB project, please send your PCB design file (Gerber format of file preferred. Click "Quote Now" of our site  first.) and requirements to . We'll quote at our top speed.

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Address:4F,Buidling2,Guanghui Technology Park,MinQing Rd,Longhua,SZ 518109,China

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