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Electronics Manufacturing Services Manufacturer

Electronics Manufacturing Services Manufacturer

  • Introduction:MOKO provide a variety of manufacturing services, including design, assembly, and testing. EMS companies may be contracted at various points in the manufacturing process.
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MOKO provides design engineering and contract electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for the commercial/industrial, energy, medical, military, and telecommunications markets
 Some companies require only a design file from the customer before proceeding to develop the product, source the components from a trusted distributor, and assemble and test the product.  Alternatively, MOKO providers who specialize in assembly may require the customer to provide the design, the components necessary for manufacturing, and an assembled sample.  MOKO may provide additional onsite services, such as PCB etching, or provide these services through another contractor.

By combining advanced engineering intelligence, keen knowledge of cost efficiencies, and applying our broad breadth of expertise, MOKO delivers unparalleled quality, while giving customers a competitive edge.

Design Engineering
Our award-winning team can optimize existing designs for streamlined production. Our engineers can also oversee your product from concept to completion, incorporating DFM/DFA/DFT (design for manufacturability / design for assembly / design for test) principles in the early design stages to assure seamless production.

Electronics Assembly
MOKO offers a wide range of services supporting PCB assembly, box build (PCB subassembly or final product assembly), electromechanical assembly and full turnkey production.Manufacturing capabilities include:

    Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
    High Speed SMT Board Assembly, Single and Double Sided
    Circuit Card Assembly (CCA)
    Fine Pitch 0201 Component Placement
    Thick and Thin Film Hybrid Manufacturing
    BGA & Micro-BGA (Ball Grid Array)
    RoHS Compliant Assembly Mixed Technologies (SMT and Through-Hole)
    Box Build (Subassembly or Final Product Assembly)
    Electromechanical Assembly
    100% Material Procurement, 100% Consigned Material Management, or a Mix of Both
    Dedicated Program Management
    Cellular / Lean Manufacturing
    Cable and Wire Harness
    Conformal Coating (AR, UR and SR)
    In-process and Post-Assembly Verification (AOI, X-ray, Flying Probe, Functional and In-circuit Test)

Test Engineering
Our Test Engineering department is staffed with experienced electrical engineers and technicians who excel at working with customers to develop methodologies and design fixtures to reduce overall manufacturing costs, improve production yields, identify failures early, support root cause analysis, and assist engineering with DFT (Design For Test) analysis. Some of the types of testing we can perform include:

    Foster a Continuous Improvement Environment
    Reduce Overall Manufacturing Costs
    Improve Production Yields
    Identify Failures
    Early Support Root Cause Analysis
    Assist Engineering With DFT (Design For Test) Analysis

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Address:4F,Buidling2,Guanghui Technology Park,MinQing Rd,Longhua,SZ 518109,China

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