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  PCB Quote FAQ

PCB (Printed  Circuit Board) Quote FAQ

How fast do you provide quotes?

During normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, we normally provide quotes within 5-45 minutes. However, sometimes, if the board is complex, we like to send it to our CAM department to verify that we can build the board properly, which adds some time to the process. If you submit your info after hours, one of our sales professionals will provide you with a quote the next business day.

How fast can you manufacture my PCBs?

We have a 24 hour turnaround time for some PCB requirements. Please submit your Gerber files or contact us to learn more about our expedited PCB services.

What file format do you accept for quoting?

You can use any PCB design software that you want, however, it needs to be able to export Gerber RS-274X and NC Drill files. Please .zip all of your files together (include readme).

Do you ship PCBs internationally?

Yes, we have many customers from around the world that rely on MOKO Technology Ltd to manufacture their PCBs.

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