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Rapid PCB Prototyping Service

Rapid PCB Prototyping Service

  • Introduction:MOKO offers Rapid PCB Prototyping Service, multilayer PCBs and MCPCB boards that meets the highest IPC Standards, always assuring customers the highest quality demands.
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Rapid PCB Prototyping Service from MOKO

A new approach to rapid PCB prototyping and manufacturing makes it painless for you to bring your ideas to life. There’s no need to manage multiple vendors or sit around waiting for your design to be produced. With the right partner, you’ll get your boards quickly and easily.

Rapid, accurate PCB prototyping and product prototyping are essential to meeting demanding electronics manufacturing requirements and tight schedules. MOKO's dedicated prototype technicians consider all aspects of product design and test manufacturability and will share this information with you every step of the way. Finely tuned processes, clear communication, technical understanding, dedicated personnel and the best equipment allow the MOKO team to manufacture challenging PCB assemblies on time and within budget.


Rapid PCB Prototyping

We understand how important time-to-market is to our customers.

To this end, we can have your prototypes ready in as little as 24 hours (depending on the size and scope of the project).


With the flexibility to manage a constantly changing bill of materials, evolving PCB designs, and shifting project schedules you can count on us to build your prototype on time, every time.

In addition, we will provide you with design for manufacturability feedback to help you reduce manufacturing cost and time.
email your request to bruse@mokotechnology.com.cnor get an instant PCB quote .Tell our experts what you need and we will provide you with the right PCB fabrication and assembly solution.

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Address:4F,Buidling2,Guanghui Technology Park,MinQing Rd,Longhua,SZ 518109,China

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